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Ophora Water

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Ophora sets the gold standard for living water. We nano-purify source water and restore its life-giving properties to cleanse, nourish and heal the human body. Our state of the art, patent-pending process infuses high levels of stable and bound oxygen into water; producing nano-pure, alkaline, oxygen, and mineral rich water that as been a source of natural healing for eons. Before the Industrial Revolution you could drink living water from any high elevation fast-moving river or stream. But, today, our municipal water delivery systems are overburdened with difficult-to-remove chemicals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals, that to meet federal water standards municipalities must add chlorine, ammonia, and other substances to their water that contribute to, or aggravate, chronic illnesses.

Oxygen Rich

Spring tasting
“Living water”


Hydrogen rich


Medical grade
NO Chlorine
NO Fluoride
NO Heavy metals
NO Pesticides
NO Pharmaceuticals

Higher consciousness Vibration, as it passes through an Amythest and rose quartz filter.


  • Increased Energy
  • Superior Hydration
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • More Efficient Detoxification
  • Better Nutrient Absorption
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Improved Athletic recovery time